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Aline Khalaf - Law Eendak Kalam
Lao Andak Kalam
Aline Khalaf
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1. Lao Andak Kalam
2. Wallah Waheshni
3. Ya Tara Wahshak
4. Haymana
5. La La La
6. Khafef Naomy
7. Ezzay
8. Aa Ghafleh
9. Wallah Haram
Arabic pop music from Lebanon's Aline Khalaf!

customer Reviews
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on 3/26/2010

Aline Khalaf,,,a very sweet voice,,beautiful songs..Keep up the good work.MarvaBoston,USA

by Amal
on 2/20/2010

A revolutionary arabic album, the songs are amazing! The beats, her voive, the lyrics all come together in complete harmony leaving you breathless by the time the 9 songs are over, and then you start again and again....

by Rose
on 9/20/2009

I fell in love with 'akhasmak ah' - my grandchild & I adore this tune. I have ordered the CD. I do not understand arabic - would someone please be kind enough to email me the english lyrics? Peace and Love to all!

by Rami Elkhatib
on 8/4/2008

VERY talented for her age. She looks to have a long career in music.

by Gallal
on 5/25/2008

A very good album with an interesting blend of middle eastern and western music that come together quite well. Nancy has a great voice and performs each song with passion and commitment. Ya Salam is a great song that is different from other songs at present

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