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GEM - WK1 MidEast Electronic Music Keyboard
WK1 MidEast Electronic Music Keyboard
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Item #: 01IK1000001
Availability: Currently Unavailable
Our Price: $799.00

WK1 MidEast music keyboard.

  1. Sound Sample 1
  2. Sound Sample 2
  3. Sound Sample 3
  4. Sample Percussion
[ There are no musical instruments being played in these audio clips other than the WK1 MidEast. All sounds, including the percussion, are produced by the keyboard ]
WK1 MidEast Electronic Music Keyboard  
MAQAM® offers a low price guarantee on all electronic music keyboards.  
Keyboard Policy: All keyboard sales are final. No exchanges or returns. All keyboards come with a manufacturer's warranty that includes 5 years parts, and 1 year labor and parts.
Product Details - WK1 MidEast Electronic Music Keyboard
Dedicated to the music of the Middle East and Mediterranean countries, the WK1 MidEast electronic music keyboard offers 464 PCM sounds, including 16 drumkits, 1 Middle Eastern drumkit, and 16 Middle Eastern sounds (qanoun, oud, mizmar, nay, etc.), and will play any type of Middle Eastern music (Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Greek, etc.). The built-in Arabic scales and the 3 Arabic scale memories, together with the 40 Arabic and 16 Ethnic styles, render this instrument particularly adept to the skills and characteristics of Middle Eastern/Mediterranean music.

16-part multi-timbral, with 32 note polyphony, programmable split, and the ability to layer sounds together, the WK1 MidEast gives the musician the opportunity to create rich sound textures. The WK1 MidEast contains two independent digital effects processors with 22 reverbs and 22 effects, with separate send levels for each track.

The arranger section of the WK1 MidEast contains 96 styles (40 Arabic, 40 World, 16 Ethnic) with 4 variations each, plus 8 user-programmable styles. The musician can store any configuration of sounds, styles, and effects in 63 real-time performances that can be instantly recalled.

The WK1 MidEast is equipped with a practical sequencer for the recording of up to 7 song styles and is compatible with standard MIDI files. The built-in disk drive saves performances on floppy disks to create an unlimited library. A wide, backlit display guarantees good visibility. The internal 6W+ 6W stereo amplification system gives perfect voice to the WK1's array of instrumental sounds.

Technical Specifications

Keyboard 61 keys with velocity sensitivity
Display LCD multifunction backlit display
Control Buttons 1 cursor button, enter, escape, tempo/data keys,
1 numeric keypad, 16 direct access programmable buttons (Direct Style Memory)
Arabic Scale 12 buttons (direct access), 4 memory buttons, cancel, store
Modes 4 real time sections (lower, upper 2, upper 1, bass)
Sounds 464 PCM sounds including 16 Middle Eastern sounds (qanoun, oud, nay, cawala, mizmar1, mizmar2, bouzouki, arabic accord1, arabic accord2, arabic strings1, arabic strings2, qanoun WS, oud WS, oud2, oud tremolo, arabic organ), 16 drumkits, and 1 Middle Eastern drumkit
Polyphony 32 notes maximum
Split programmable split
Edit track edit (up to 16 tracks), on/off, volume, reverb send, chorus send, transpose, detune, pan, volume pedal, damper, pitch bend/modulation, pitch bend range
Digital Effects 22 reverb types + 22 chorus types (modulation/delay/echo)
Harmony 8 types
Sustain general sustain (lower, upper 2, upper 1)
Demo automatic demonstration (6 demo songs)
Styles 96 automatic styles (see list below) plus 8 user programmable styles, x 4 variations (basic, intro, fill, end), 5 tracks (drums, bass, acc1, acc2, acc3)
Arranger arrange on/off, arrange memory, lower memory, bass to lowest, 4 chord recognition modes (one finger, fingered 1, fingered 2, free style)
Sequencer Controls start/stop, intro, ending, key start/continue, fill <, fill in, fill >/tap tempo, fade, play/stop, record, clear, tempo
General Controls volume slider, transpose, tuning, style/tempo lock, touch sensitivity, pitch blend wheel
Single Touch Play 10 settings of lower, upper 2, upper 1 combinations for 96 Styles (960 settings)
Performances 63 real-time editable
Pads 4 programmable pads
Sequencer 7 song styles, 8 tracks (upper1/upper2/lower/5 track styles), 7 user songs, 16 track player
Disk Drive load, save, delete, format (720 KB - 1.44 MB), utility, functions: play direct from disk, play all songs, load while playing
Compatibility standard MIDI files (0, 1, 1+lyrics), GMX, WK2, WK3, CD, PK7
MIDI 16 MIDI channels (programmable), common, chord, 16 tracks local on/off, external clock, general MIDI on/off, MIDI start/stop, channel lock, transposer in, MIDI set, dump
Connections stereo outputs, 1 headphones, damper pedal, volume pedal, computer (PC1, PC2, Mac)
Amplification 6 W + 6 W, 2 way, 4 speakers
Accessories owner's manual, operating system on floppy disk, power
supply adapter, sheet music stand, power cord, mains cable
Dimensions 980 x 350 x 145 mm / 38.6 x 13.8 x 5.7 inches (W x D x H)

9.5 kg / 21 lbs (ship weight 31 lb)

96 Styles
Including 40 Exclusive Arabic/MidEast Styles

Beat Rock/Funk




Arab 1
1 8BtStand 9 HardRock 17 DiscoHit 25 MidSwing 33 Bossa 41 Baladi
2 8BtFolk 10 SlowRock 18 DiscoFun 26 SlwSwing 34 Samba 42 Saidi1
3 8BtMed 11 Rock 'n R 19 House 27 Foxtrot 35 ChaCha 43 Saidi2
4 8BtFunky 12 Shuffle 20 ClasDisc 28 Blues 36 Tango 44 SaidiMd
5 16BtStnd 13 FunkFun 21 BakerPop 29 Country 37 Rhumba 45 Katakuft
6 16BtFolk 14 FunkElec 22 Rap 30 Romagna 38 Beguine 46 Maksum
7 16BtPop 15 FunkPop 23 EuroPop 31 PasoDobl 39 Salsa 47 MaksumMd
8 16BtSwng 16 FunkStnd 24 PartyPop 32 Twist 40 Meneaito 48 MaksumSa
Arab 2 Arab 3

Arab 4

Arab 5

Ethnic 1

Ethnic 2
49 Wehda 57 Malfouf 65 RumbaMs 73 ArGipsy 81 Zeibeki 89 Turk2_4
50 Ciftete 58 Ayoub 66 RumbaKh 74 ArMeneit 82 Syrtos 90 Turk4_4
51 Masmudi 59 Aadani1 67 SambaMs 75 SaidiMd2 83 Kalamat 91 Turk9_8N
52 SumaiTh 60 Aadani2 68 Conga 76 SaidiEg 84 Tsamiko 92 Turk6_8
53 SumaiDa 61 Karatchi 69 Ougroug 77 Shaeri 85 Turk9_8 93 Turk5_8N
54 Bambi 62 Fallahi 70 ArWaltz 78 Khebeiti 86 Turk7_8 94 Laz
55 Hajaa 63 Ibrahimi 71 Shareh 79 Arabi 87 Turk5_8 95 Cifte
56 Dalaona 64 Fox 72 Zaffa 80 Rhumbak 88 Duek 96 Oryt

customer Reviews
Average Review: (6 Customer Reviews)
Showing 1 - 5 of 6 Reviews

on 5/2/2010

don't get all excited and crazy about this keyboard, i have one. the sound quality is allright, instruments are far away from being real, plus it has a memory problem you won't notice untill you use it a lot. i can say it is a good keyboard for beginners, but once you get better at playing you will find it useless.

by Michael T.
on 3/27/2010

great keyboard. much better than any yamaha or roland. excellent sound quality and the rhythms are fantastic. definitely a good buy and good price.

by Sam
on 10/21/2009

really excellent. agree with the other reviews. it is real arabic sounds not like with other keyboards. we are very impressed

by Charles
on 8/29/2009

Fantastic Keyboard. A must buy; don't hesitate. I am very happy with it, and I am impressed with its excellent sounds and quality for the price. More important, I was very impressed with the professionalism and excellent customer service of the MAQAM staff.

by Dana
on 7/29/2009

I just got one for my husband and its great. The sounds are really great and original. It feels like a full arabic orchestra is playing. The drums and strings in particular are top notch. Excellent and honest service from MAQAM who made sure I bought what I needed and not more. TWO BIG THUMBS UP.

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