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Fairuz - Live at Beiteddine 2000
Live at Beiteddine 2000
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Item #: 01CC1000105
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1. Beiteddine Opening
2. La Inta Habibi
3. Endi Sika Feek
4. Kifak Inta
5. Prelude (Mais Elreem)
6. 'Shtaktillak
7. Shu Hal Iam
8. The National Lebanese Resistance
9. 'Btitlojil Dini
10. Tinzakar Ma Tinaad
11. Kbiril Mazha Hay
12. Ahu Dalli Sar
13. Ya Mahla Layalil Hawa
14. Habaytak Ta Nsit Elnaum
15. Talfan Ayyash
16. Sabah Wu Masa
17. Nassam Alayna
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customer Reviews
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by Dan Reeder
on 7/3/2010

I love this CD. It makes one think they are at the concert in Lebanon. You hear every instrument, every word, and the reaction of the audience. Sit Fairuz outdid herself with this magical concert.

by Martha
on 6/19/2010

Personally, I think this is one of Fairuz's best ever. It contains a little bit of everything. Old, and new. It's a great CD for someone just becoming aquainted with the great Fairuz.

on 10/7/2009

Yes, a must-have for Fairuz fans but her voice has, in fact, lost a bit of its edge. Still, it's a great concert and Ziad's arrangements are great and sometimes over the top. The Overture has a very Western Classical sound to it. At first, I was thinking Tchaikovsky. Then, Aaron Copland.

by Safwat
on 8/30/2009

Too bad it is not released on DVD!!!!!!

by Ghia Aweida,
on 3/12/2009

I totally agree with Issam. It is a perfect CD. Although I have never been to the concert, I enjoy listening to the CD, as if I were at the concert.

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