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Lella - Eddallal
Lella Al Maghribia
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Item #: 01CG1000475
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1. Meen Addak
2. Eddalla'a Bekayfak
3. Oul Ya Habibi
4. Jreet Ou Jarayt
5. El Mahabba
6. Hob El Emtilak
7. Eddallal
8. El Ward
9. Lehla Yezeed Aktar
10. Ma To'afshi Kedah
11. Bandahlak
12. Kalam Begad
Arabic pop music from the Moroccan star Lella Al Maghribia!

customer Reviews
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by Moulay Hassan
on 12/7/2010
Excellent Album but the last one Romancy is also very nice including khaleeji songs and 2 morrocan songs
by Adam
on 1/22/2010

Leila Al Maghribiyah is a new artist. When I first heard and saw the album, I thought that she is like another Rouby, Haifa, or Nancy. But she is in a class of her own. You cannot judge this album by it's cover, this album has some really nice songs on it and I enjoyed listening to every one of them. She also sings in a variety of accents including the Egyptian and the Khaliji accent, which her best songs on the album are in the Khaliji accent.

by Haj Farid
on 9/17/2009

very nice album

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